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A beautiful handmade sustainable product for the photos that mean the most to you.

Printed on the highest quality lustre paper, using the highest quality vegan materials and handmade in the UK, these fine art wedding albums are made to stand the test of time.


Our Wedding albums come in a square size 10×10″.  Each page consists of six, hand-assembled layers, measuring a substantial 2.5mm in thickness. The albums lie flat and are trimmed flush for a perfect finish.


The album cover gives the first glimpse of the story that lies within. It sets the scene and remains as a backdrop as the album is held and viewed time and time again.

Our vegan-friendly alternative to leather is available in three beautiful colours (Soft Mint, Nimbus and Oxford Blue) carefully selected to complement a wide variety of shoots. A PU-based material, it’s wonderfully soft with a leather-like feel and is well suited to personalisation.

Each album comes with the option of adding gold-lettered foiling to the front cover.


All of our albums come in a natural Cotton Wrap, which, as well as looking great, the wraps do the practical job of keeping the contents clean and dust-free. The cotton wraps are produced from ethical sources, unbleached and washed in recycled water so as not to waste a natural resource. The Cotton wraps are made in the U.K.

On top of this, every album comes packaged in a gorgeous Kraft cardboard box to ensure it remains safe during shipping. The Kraft cardboard boxes are made from 80 per cent recycled material and 20 per cent from FSC sources. The way they’re produced, transported, and stored cuts down on waste as far as possible.




• Handmade 10"x10" Album

• 20 high-quality lustre pages

• Eco friendly cover
. A choice of 3 colours

• Gold-lettered foiling 

• Cotton Wrap and Kraft cardboard box

• Postage included (U.K. only)

Ordering your album:

There are two steps to ordering your album:

Explore our range of album options above and send your album specs using the form provided.

• Pay for your album via bank transfer.

Once we have received all the information listed above and received payment, we will take care of the rest.

To order an album, please take the time to fill out your details below or call us on 07598 167581 if you'd rather chat.


To order an album, please take the time to fill out your details below or call us on 07598 167581 if you'd rather chat.

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More questions than answers?


Many of our frequently asked questions have been answered on our FAQ's page.

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