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A Pandemic Wedding // Bridal Interview

Engaged couples across the globe have had a spanner thrown in their wedding planning works during 2020/21. With COVID-19 spreading at an alarming rate, many have understandably moved their special day to years ahead. Meet the couple who, against all odds, proceeded with a COVID safe wedding day; sparking hope and encouraging suppliers in an industry that has been shaken, to rethink our way of working and considering community and sustainability. Jack and Tora of Derbyshire, UK booked their date with us in 2019. Little did they know that they would be moving this a total of 4 times! With a National Lockdown, unclear guidelines, and overnight rule changes, 2020 just didn’t seem to be the year. With determination, positivity, and micro weddings blooming, the couple grasped at their chance at the end of September before the new 15 guest limit came into play. Last-minute calls to all suppliers to see if they were available in 4 days quickly came out and preparations began.

The Aurora team jumped into action to ensure we had everything prepared including PPE and staying up to date on current regulations. The team visited the venues early on the day to set up our cameras, with only one of us allowed in the church it was vital that we knew where to place our tripods to get the best coverage. Utilising our remote shooting on camera, we were able to photograph inside whilst being out on the church grounds. As photographers, this was a very new challenge that we had to embrace, being so used to photographing events and moments as they unfold, we were unable to move and respond to what was around us. Having the prep time before was essential and made for excellent shots of the couple and doggo’s on the aisle.

Socially distanced group shots also changed our way of working. Our trusty zoom lenses ensured that all images were taken well over 2 meters away from the wedding party. Despite the masks and the social distancing, Jack and Tora’s day was one to remember. After experiencing a small wedding, you see that these intimate days hit different and remind you of what celebrations of love are all about. Surrounded by your closest friends and family, a date that doesn’t break the bank and that is kinder to our planet.

Looking to the future, it’s safe to say that Jack and Tora have inspired the Aurora team with their determination and passion. This 2020 has given us the time to reflect on how we run our small business, with live streaming weddings, Zoom call consultations, and remote shooting being just the start. COVID-19 may have been a wake-up call, giving us the opportunity to slow down and reflect on how we can change our practice for a more sustainable and eco-conscious future. Becca, Harry, and Oscar.

Tora's Interview:

Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced when arranging your wedding during a pandemic? 'The uncertainty - just not knowing when 'normal' might return. By pushing the wedding back a year initially we felt certain we would be able to have the wedding we dreamed of, but by July we quickly realised that actually, this may not be the case. To then pull it forward to October and find out 10 days before the rules were changing again from 30 guests to 15 guests, the mad panic we went through then pulling it forward a week. A crazy experience but one we will never forget and what a rollercoaster. We can both honestly say that the day was perfect and despite it not being warm and us not having the 80 guests originally planned - it all worked out for the better and really a smaller more intimate wedding was better suited to us. On the plus, the pandemic meant that rearranging our wedding from 10days away to 4days away was pretty easy because no-one had any plans!'

Q: What made you decide to go ahead with your day? I think the pandemic really made us re-evaluate what was truly important to us, it made us realise how lucky we are to have the life we do and to really appreciate health, family, and friends. It made us realise that life is too short and actually, why wait for something just so that we can have a big party. I guess it just made us remember the real reasons we are getting married. Q: How was your wedding day? It was just so special and so perfect. To bring together all of the most important people in our lives for that special day after a crazy year. It felt even more special I think because a lot of the people there we hadn't seen as much as we usually would have and I guess it gave everyone something to look forward to when there was very little going on.

Neither of us are big fans of being the center of attention and I think I felt a little apprehensive about the 'all eyes on us' feeling on the day - however, it just didn't feel like that, all day we just felt so loved by everyone there.

Another big thing for us was being able to spend proper time with all of our guests on the day - by having a smaller wedding everyone mingled and it meant we have plenty of time to chat to everyone.

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